We create fantasticality
We transgress the boundaries between fact and fiction and help imaginary characters become real. Boundless creativity deserves limitless fulfillment.

We create SFX makeup and props

SPFX character creation, makeup and follow-up support
We offer full SPFX design, starting from sketch to sculpture and from mold to an SPFX piece. Make up on set with required number of repeats and follow-up support are included.
We offer all-purpose foam latex or silicone SPFX pieces for self application. Please find our collection of SPFX pieces and some images created with them in Instagram
In addition, we make supplementary props and make-up pieces, like dental applications (teeth), horns, wings etc. We can help you to find custom contact lenses, wigs and fake facial hair. Moreover, we cooperate with highly professional scenery makers and animatronics engineers.
Silicone masks
We make realistic silicone masks using our pre-made molds, and also create new ones. Our masks can be used in video and movie making, for events, cosplay and pranks.
We make lifelike, high quality props to complete the look of your character.
We have regular workshops for make-up artists, where we teach how to apply our prosthetic pieces. There you also can buy our basic foam latex and encapsulated silicone appliances.
How do we work?
  • We always meet our deadlines
    First of all, we think over the technical aspects of the project. We properly evaluate the amount of time for each specific task and always meet our deadlines.
  • We set reasonable prices
    Production of prosthetic makeup requires lots of skill and high quality materials. However, we are always ready to cooperate with our clients. In most cases, movie prosthetics are still less expensive than CGI.
  • We always meet health and safety standards
    All our artists receive proper safety training. We always sanitize our working tools, clean working space, use disposable applicators and keep an eye on expiration dates.
  • We are always open for communication
    We would be happy to explain any details and clear all important issues both in Russian and in English. You can contact us at Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp.
  • We don't publish any materials without our clients' permission
Nory Studio FX is an association of professionals who've been working with up-to-date FX materials and techniques for more than 10 years.
We work for movie-, video- and photo-makers, event management agencies and bloggers. We embody emotions and bring your characters and costumes to life.
Our mentors are Vlad Taupesh and Josef Rarach, the world famous image creators and SPFX masters.
Collaboration with the famous SPFX and makeup Stan Winston School gives us a constant opportunity to improve our professional skills.
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