Below you can find answers to the most popular questions. If you don't find answer to your question please contact us. We will be happy to answer you!
  • Do you conduct training?
    We have workshop approximately once per month where teach participants to do self application FX make up using our foam latex or silicone SPFX pieces. On the workshops we answer to questions and ready to offer our products for self application. An actual information about next workshop you can find in Instagram and Facebook. The participance is paid.
    We do not conduct teaching about technologies and materials.
  • Can you make a mask like in the movie Mission impossible?
    In that movie for imitation of hyper realistic masks CG and actors replacement are used. In fact not all things which seems to be FX makeup are makeup indeed. Such realism is not achievable by FX makeup.
  • Can you make bruises and abrasion enough realistic to be used for medical examination
    The goal of our work to help in creation of wonderful expirience as part of entertainments. We do not engage to any fraud related actions.
  • Do you work in other countries?
    We are happily go to other countries delivering our services to film sets and events wherever it is needed. All the expenses related to necessary movement on site as well as getting visa are expected to be given by customer. The customer will also need to make an invitation to work in the country for our specialist.
  • Is it possible to make the same products using cheaper materials or using customers own materials?
    We are strictly using professional materials that's why it is not our case. We are sure low cost of the materials is the first step toward fail. Almost all of materials which we use are produced in USA, mostly by one producer, and do not have cheap analogues even in China.
  • Do you make wigs?
    We don't produce wigs but if it is needed for a character we are ready to recommend you our colleagues which are specialists in this area.
  • Do you sell materials which you use in your production?
    Unfortunately we are not official distributors of the materials used for FX make up.
  • Do you deliver your products in other countries?
    Yes, we do. Usually we use local post service which in opposite to existing opinion delivers packages mostly in time. If you need to get a package in more predictable time we may send you the package using DHL which is more expensive.
  • I need only part of a set of SPFX pieces which you offer for self application. May I buy part of the set with discount?
    We do not sell parts of sets. It is caused by the fact that it is difficult to sell remaining parts of the parted set.
If you still do not have answer to your question please contact us.
We will be happy to help you!
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